R.W. Burt Photo Captain Richard W. Burt
Civil War Letters From The 76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

76th Ohio Newspaper Recruiting Ad
1862 Letters to The Coshocton Age
Fort Donelson
Fort Donelson Poem
Strike For Liberty
Mary Roy
Arkansas Post
Phil On Picket In Dixie
Vicksburg February 1863
Old Flag
Vicksburg May 17, 1863
Vicksburg May 30, 1863
Vicksburg June 10, 1863
Vicksburg June 21, 1863
Black River Bridge, Miss. July 30, 1863
Return From Veteran Furlough
Boys In Blue
Meditation On Atlanta Battlefield
Battles For Atlanta
Chasing General Hood
Foraging For Sherman's Army
1864-1865 Diary Accounts
General Logan And The Fifteenth Army Corps
Wartime Printing of Logan And the 15th Army Corps
Goldsboro NC March 1865
Gen. Sherman And His Boys In Blue
Jeff. Davis In Petticoats
The Dawn Of Peace
Our Flag
Sherman's Farewell To His Boys In Blue
Soldiers Homeward Bound
War Songs Poems and Odes
Surely A Fighting Regiment
Burt's GAR Photograph
Burt's Obituary

Photograph courtesy of
Robert M. Coch
And Blue Acorn Press

For more info see the 76th Ohio Infantry page at Ohio in the Civil War

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