Sherman's Farewell To His Boys In Blue

The bugles rang clear at the dawning,
Resounding in valley and glen;
And cheering was heard on that morning,
There was joy in the hearts of the men;
'Twas the dawning of peace in the nation,
The war for the Union was o'er;
Peals of joy for our country's salvation,
Re-echoed from mountains to shore.

'Twas the day that the nation rejoices
For glorious liberty's birth,
When Freemen all raise their glad voices
For Freedom's grand cause on the earth.
Amid the great joy of that morning
A horseman rode over the lea,
And shouted, "Your Chieftain is coming
Who marched with you down to the sea.

"The days of your warfare are over,
There's a home and country for you;
There's an end to rebellion forever,
And Sherman will bid you adieu."
Then loud was the cheering for Sherman,
The glorious Chief of the free;
Oh, how proud were the soldiers that morning
Who marched with him down to the sea.

He spoke of their saving the Nation,
Recounted their victories won;
Their marching from river to ocean,
And glorious deeds they had done.
Then spoke he so warmly at parting,
And so kindly he bid us adieu,
That the tears were unconsciously starting
In the eyes of the Boys in the Blue.

Then galloped away our grand Chieftain,
Brave leader of Boys in the Blue;
And loud was the cheering for Sherman,
'Till his form had receded from view.
His name we will evermore cherish,
'Tis engraved in the hearts of the free
A name was made never to perish
When Sherman marched down to the sea.

From: War Songs Poems and Odes by R.W. Burt
Peoria Illinois 1909

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