July 30, 1863 Black River Bridge, Miss.

Camp near Black River Bridge,
July 30, 1863

Messrs. Editors:

The campaign has ended and the 76th goes into camp with a fair prospect of having two or three months rest. We have had about three months of very active campaigning during which time we have been in two or three skirmishes and have been about 8 weeks in the sieges of Vicksburg and Jackson. Since we left Milliken's Bend our regiment has lost two men killed in siege of Vicksburg, 27 men died of disease, and 16 men wounded, 14 of them in the siege of Vicksburg and 2 of them in a skirmish near Canton.

Lieut. R.W.Burt.

Note: Letter to the Newark True American Found at Vicksburg National Military Park

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