Dear Comrade, memories of the past
Awaken sanguine scenes;
And oh, how long their shadows last,
To us much it means.

We fought on Ringold's bloody field,
Stood by the flag together;
Ohio's Sons made Rebels yield,
Yet did not know each other.

When more than thirty years were gone,
And we were that much older,
We find when victory was won,
We shoulder stood to shoulder.

And now when in these after years
We come to see each other,
There's memories that so endears,
Our hearts are bound together.

We've lived to see the Union strong,
That treason failed to sever;
One Country, our is Freedom's song,
One Flag is ours forever.

An end to Slavery's awful curse,
Our Country's true salvation;
A blot removed, none could be worse,
A reunited nation.

Thank God our lives are spared to see
This glorious consummation;
A glorious Land of Liberty,
A Nation's glad salvation.

From: War Songs Poems and Odes by R.W. Burt
Peoria Illinois 1909

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