Mary Roy

There's a lovely girl I left behind
I'm going back to see,
She is just suited to my mind,
And waiting there for me.
My Mary shed the parting tear
For her dear Soldier boy;
She's proud that I'm a Volunteer,
Her name is Mary Roy.

Her heart with tenderness is filled,
Which fills my own with joy;
And if by Rebels I'm not killed
I'll marry Mary Roy.
My Mary is the girl for me,
With eyes as black as jet,
One time when sitting on my knee
She caught me in her net.

But I shall ne'er regret the day
She did my heart decoy;
And if I live until I'm gray
I'll still love Mary Roy.
And when this bloody war is o'er,
She'll greet her Soldier Boy,
I'll take the kisses kept in store
And marry Mary Roy.

And we'll live happy during life
And all its sweets enjoy
For she will be my loving wife
My own dear Mary Roy.
Comrades in this awful strife
I wish you greatest joy
May every soldier find a wife
Like my own Mary Roy.

From: War Songs Poems and Odes by R.W. Burt
Peoria Illinois 1909

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