Strike For Liberty

Freemen! hear your country's call,
Strike for Freedom one and all,
Never let your standard fall,
Raised for glorious Liberty.

Lay the knavish traitors low,
We know them now as Freedom's foe,
Let them fall by Freemen's blow,
Whose cause is human slavery.

Strike! who love Columbia's laws,
Strike! and gain the World's applause,
For you fight for Freedom's cause,
You fight for glorious liberty.

Strike! before it is too late,
Strike! decide your Country's fate,
Let rebels feel the crushing weight,
Of every blow for liberty.

Feeemen, rise! your Country save,
The Stars and Stripes must ever wave,
Sustained by patriots true and brave,
And lead the way to victory.

Loyal Sons of Freedom stand,
By your Country, Freedom's Land,
Draw the Sword at its command,
Strike death blows to slavery.

Let the traitors find their place,
With the tyrants of the race,
Who their Country would disgrace,
With servile chains and slavery.

From: War Songs Poems and Odes by R.W. Burt
Peoria, Illinois 1906

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