Rocko Trivia

Here are three tests, each designed to be a little harder than the previous one.  I tried to pick questions about details that either get mentioned more than once, or those that stand out in some way.  I try to avoid questions with more meaningless details like "What was the license plate number on the red car in front of the store..." , etc.  On the other hand, trivia by definition deals with the obscure.

These questions are mostly in a short-answer format, although some of them are matching or multiple -choice.  A list of  episodes (available from other websites) can help if you have trouble remembering the titles.  I don't have Java or CGI-type interactive capability with my service provider, so I can't do any multiple-choice-calculate-the-score-instant-feedback type things.  Either write down your answers and check them with the answer page; or jump back and forth to the answer page, trying not to look at the answer to the next question, you big cheater.

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     Kind-O-Hard-Test 1

     Kind-O-Harder-Test 2

     Kind-O-Hardest-Test 3

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