Rocko's Modern Life Kind-O-Hardest Test 3 

Name The Episode:

Multiple-choice really.  Choose your answer from any of the 52 episodes.

1.  Name the only episode in which we see Rocko's navel.

2.  Besides Feisty Geist, Spunky spoke on only one other occasion.

3.  The Hopping Hessian (friend of Gordon, the disembodied leg) has a voice patterned after whom?

4.  Rocko, Heffer and Filburt are seen playing "Spank the Monkey" in this episode.

5.  The only time we see Rocko bleeding is in this episode.

6.  Name the only episode in which the word "Hell" appears unobstructed.

7.  In which episode does Rocko play strip-poker with Mrs. Bighead?

Picky Little Details:

8.  Where did Rocko go to grade school?

9.  Within an inch or two, how tall is Rocko?

10. What is Rocko's address?

11. What was the name of the band at the nudist party in Bedfellows?

12. What is Heffer's shoe size?

13. Where did Grandpa Wolfe go to college? 

Misc. Questions:

14. Rocko paraphrases the title line from which Beatles song in Tooth & Nail?

15. What is Filburt and Dr. Hutchison's daughter's name?

16. Twice, while he was dreaming, Heffer has called out this name.

17. though 20.  For one point each, name the four characters Rocko has kissed.

Test 3 Answers - Click Here.

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