The character designs in Rocko's Modern Life start with fairly simple comic-book type artwork.  What sets them apart is the level of thought and skill put into the way the characters move around, react to each other, and express emotions - in short, how they ACT.  Try watching RML sometime with the sound off and pay attention to the body language, the subtle eye movements and changes in expression, then try the same thing with some pathetic Hanna-Barbera cartoon and you'll see what I mean.  Since I don't have the space here (and you probably don't have the time) for a load of MPEG animation,  I'll just focus on facial expressions.
Anger and DisgustLovestruckExcruciating PainMind-Numbing Shock LustNear-Orgasmic PleasureSadness and DisbeliefConfident Bloodthirsty RageComplete Panic

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