Rocko's Modern Life Kind-O-Harder Test 2 

Some characters can't seem to get Rocko's name right.  Others choose an insult or an inter-species slur.  Match the character with the name they used.

     1.  Heffer                              A.  Jocko

     2.  Filburt                              B.  Shorto

     3.  Ed Bighead                       C.  Beaver

     4.  Mrs. Wolfe                       D.  Dummy Head

     5.  Uncle Gib Hootson            E.  Ignorant Marsupial

     6.  Mortimer Kahn                 F.  Ratso

     7.  Granpa Wolfe                   G.  Pouched Rodent

     8.  Dingo                               H.  Pouch-Belly

Misc. Questions

9.  Rocko has had what surgically removed from his body?

10.  What was the name of Peaches' game show in Hef in a Handbasket?

11.  The Chameleon brothers emigrated to O-Town from which country?

12.  In which episode do we see a cartoon version of Joe Murray.

Heffer Lines

Hef says some strange, non-sequitur things at times.  Which episode did each of the following lines come from?

13.  You know, I died once.

14.  Please put us down Mister Crab!  We're sorry!

15.  Makes a great meat substitute for undershorts.

16.  Wilbur!  Wilbur-r-r!

Match The Hospital

Which hospital did our friends use in each of the episodes below?

17.  Flu-In-U-Enza                         A.  O-Town Hospital

18.  Tickled Pinky                          B.  O-Town General

19.  Nothing to Sneeze At                C.  St. Joey

20.  From Here to Maternity           D.  Swampy Memorial

Test 2 Answers - Click Here.

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