Great Moments in Animation:  Rocko's Modern Life

A collection of graphics of my favorite moments from the show.  

Heffer and milking machine
 No. 1:  Heffer has an intimate relationship with a milking machine.
From The Good, The Bad and the Wallaby. 
Rocko gets a job as a phone-sex operator
No. 2: Rocko gets a job as a phone-sex operator.
From Canned. 
EdRocko and Bev
No. 3: Mr. Bighead catches Rocko with Mrs. Bighead.  From Leap Frogs. 
Caught by DadCaught by Dad 2
No. 4: Heffer's dad catches Rocko and Heffer.  From Bedfellows. 
Rocko catches SpunkySpunky with mop
No. 5: Rocko catches Spunky with his mop.  From Clean Lovin'.
Rocko gets a prostate exam
No. 6: Rocko gets a prostate exam.
From Flu-In-U-Enza.
Heffer, dead
No. 8: After choking on a chicken bone, Heffer dies and goes to Hell.
From To Heck and Back. 
Rocko marries Filburt
No. 9:  In a desperate attempt to avoid being deported, Rocko marries Filburt.
From Kiss Me, I'm Foreign.

Filburt wets his shell 1Filburt wets his shell 2
No. 10: Nervous about proposing to Dr. Hutchison, Filburt wets his shell.
From The Big Question.

No. 11: After desperately searching for Rocko, whom Heffer has hypnotised into thinking he's a dog,
Heffer and Filburt find his flattened shirt and assume that he's dead.
From Hypno-Puppy Love.

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