Are you addicted to Rocko's Modern Life?

Watching Rocko's Modern Life in moderation is neither physically nor mentally harmful.  It is possible, however, to fall victim to Rocko-compulsive behavior syndrome  (RCB).  The following questions will help you assess whether you may be in danger of developing RCB.  Check the list below and note whether you have experienced any of these situations:

  • 1.  When making tough decisions, your first thought is "What would Rocko do in this situation?".
  • 2.  You refuse to wear shoes that don't squeak.
  • 3.  Your parents are shocked to learn that their grandson's legal name is "Spunky".
  • 4.  Your family looks at you suspiciously whenever a TV news item ends with "...The suspect is described as as wearing a blue and purple shirt and no trousers."
  • 5.  Your best friend is a steer.
  • 6.  Your ex-girlfriend always greets you with "Well, if it isn't Mr. 'wallaby-style'! ".
  • 7.  You mail anonymous threatening letters to the "Hey Arnold" people.
  • 8.  Your boss tells you "As of now, you're out-o-work cartoon-boy."
  • 9.  Your computer-geek friends complain that you're "out of touch with reality".
  • 10.  So do your "Star Trek" friends.
  • 11.  You spend all of your time looking at Rocko web sites.

  • If you have experienced three or more of the signs listed above, you should seek help from a mental health professional.  Additionally,  the fact that you are still reading this page shows that you are well on your way to becoming a mentally unstable outcast of society.

    The Rocko Zone:      Last updated 12/3/97