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A Note of Thanks:

This site was pretty much inactive for a while.
I'd like to thank web-comic artist David Hopkins for his interest,
and for inspiring me to update it.
Although humorous at times, David's work can also be intensely emotional, violent, and definitely on the adult side - but it is always good, and often extremely good.  For more information on the work of David Hopkins    click here.


As you have probably already figured out, this page's main focus is on Joe Murray's creation Rocko's Modern Life.  Animation is getting to be more accepted and more widespread inrecent years.  Shows like The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy and Duckman to name a few.  All of them (arguably) have good basic characters, good animation, and good writing.  What seems to make RML stand out is the attention to details.  The characters are more complex and multidimensional.  The animation (while looking simple and comic-book -like) is filled with subtle changes in expression and body-language.   The writing does the almost impossible job of packing  a lot of "adult humor" into a show which anyone would let their kids watch.  Most of the more adult-oriented humor shows up in double-entendre lines and visual gags that go by so fast that a lot of casual viewers miss them.  This is where I come in.  I am here to help you appreciate the tremendous amount of time and effort that the folks who created Rocko's Modern Life put in to  their creation,  by showing just some of the great stuff crammed into the show. 


This site is still a little on the on the unfinished side, so check back - I'm always  trying to make it more accurate and enjoyable.  Also, the "Great Moments in Animation" and "Range" pages are pretty image-heavy, and might take a while to download.  (They are worth it, of course).  If you have any comments or suggestions, email me at .


-Great Moments in Animation - RML Hernia Exam

Graphics of my favorite scenes.  (May take a while to download.)

-DYN...?/Details Mickey?

A compilation of some of the inside jokes, visual gags and  references the RML folks managed to sneak in. i


What movies and television shows had the most influence on the writers of RML?  Analyzing the details gives us some clues.

-Censored Rocko! Censored Rocko

Stuff they sneaked in that Nickelodeon later removed.  Also, some miscellaneous censorship gags.


-Range Sadness & Disbelief

Unlike some characters (animated or not), Rocko can ACT.  Check out these expressions.  (Lots of images - could take while to download.)

-RML Trivia

Test your knowledge with these questions.

-Are You a Rocko Addict?

Check yourself for these warning signs of Rocko-compulsive behavior.

-Links Opa Wolfe

The best in hand-picked websites.  I especially like the German ones.

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