Rocko's Modern Life Kind-O-Hard Test 1 


What is the first name of each of the following characters?

1. Dr. Hutchison

2. Colonel Hutchison

3. & 4. The Chameleon Brothers

5., 6. & 7. Filburt and Dr. Hutchison's sons

Misc. Questions:

8. What is the name of O-Town's baseball team?

9. Where does the team play?

10. & 11. Mr. Dupette has worked as a slimy boss for which two companies?

12. Only one character has revealed his age. Which character was it?

13. & 14. Which two ages did he give?

15. What character was known as "The Handsomest Man in O-Town"?

16. through 20.  For one point each,  name Dr. Hutchison's health-care professions (five possible).

Test 1 Answers - click here.

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