Kind-O-Hardest Test 3 Answers:

1.  Trash-O-Madness.

2.  Dumbells (during the "What the heck is Rocko anyway?" TV news segment).

3.  Former Tonight Show sidekick Ed McMahon.

4.  Gutterballs.

5.  Ed is Dead: A Thriller!  (after encountering Earl).

6.  Carnival Knowledge (on the "Elevator to Hell" ride).

7.  Cabin Fever.

8.  Fair Dinkum Primary School (Wimp on the Barby).

9.  Four feet, two inches (mug shot in Dumbells).

10.  1172 Boogie Blvd. (Skid Marks).

11.  The Dangles.

12.  Size 19 (Gutterballs).

13.  Ozark Tech (Cruisin').

14.  Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey (from the "White Album").

15.  Missy (never used, but appears in the credits of  Future Schlock).

16.  Sheila (Bedfellows and Road Rash - uncut version).

17. through 20.  Dr. Hutchison (kind of forced into it by the mutant tooth in Rinse and Spit).
                        Bev Bighead (on the hand, in Leap Frogs).
                        Heffer (at the awards banquet in Scrubbin' Down Under).
                        His Dad (before shaking his mom's hand, when leaving Australia in Wimp on the Barby).

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