Kind-O-Harder Test 2 Answers:

1.  Heffer:  G. Pouched Rodent (Speaking Terms)

2.  Filburt:  D. Dummy Head (Kiss Me, I'm Foreign)

3.  Ed Bighead:  H. Pouch-Belly (Keeping Up with the Bigheads)

4.  Mrs. Wolfe:  A. Jocko (Who's for Dinner?)

5.  Uncle Gib Hootson:  F. Ratso (The Good, the Bad and the Wallaby)

6.  Mortimer Kahn:  E. Ignorant Marsupial (Feisty Geist)

7.  Grandpa Wolfe:  C. Beaver (Who's for Dinner, Cruisin')

8.  Dingo:  B. Shorto (Wimp on the Barby)

9.  His appendix AND his tonsils.

10.  Triple 6

11.  Balzac

12.  Short Story

13.  She's the Toad

14.  The Big Question

15.  Boob Tubed

16.  Boob Tubed

17.  Flu-In-U-Enza,  D. St. Joey

18.  Tickled Pinky,  D. St. Joey

19.  Nothing to Sneeze At B. O-Town General

20.  From Here to Maternity,  A. O-Town Hospital

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