Captain R.W. Burt's Late War Diary

October 1864 in Georgia

Oct. 18th: Marched at 9 AM through a beautiful valley pretty thickly settled. Halted at 5 PM at forks of Rome and Summerville roads. Foraging plentiful, but out of "tack". Captain Blackburn's resignation accepted. Marched 13 miles.

Oct. 19th: Marched at 9 AM and took Lebanon road. Marched 10 miles and bivouacked near Alpine Creek. Colonel Willard Warner of 180th Ohio brings us news of his promotion and glorious election news from Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Oct. 20th: Marched at 7:30 AM and halted at 9 PM near Gaysville, distance 22 miles. Got mail. Foraging for our living.

Oct. 21st: Heavy Fog. Marched 7 miles to Little River. Crossed river and camped. Detailed with 60 men to throw up earthworks.

Oct. 22nd: Captain Wherle and Philip Evans started for home.

Oct. 23rd: Feasting on chickens and corn bread. Read General Logan's speech in Illinois.

Oct. 24th: All the Corps but the First Brigade moving and two from it gone.

Oct. 25th: Making out pay rolls.

Oct. 26th: Foraging party of 16 men under Lieut. B. Williamson went out 6 or 7 miles and got stampeded by the Rebels. Our Corps returned.

Oct. 27th: Rebels drove our men from the mill. I was sent out beyond the picket line with companies H, K, and I and remained all night.

Oct. 28th: Relieved and returned to camp.

Oct. 29th: Crossed the river at 7 AM and tore up the bridges. Crossed to Chatooga and halted at 9 AM at Cedar Bluff. Crossed the Coosa River at 2:30 PM. An old fort at Cedar Bluff where General Jackson fought the indians.

Oct. 30th: Marched at 6 AM 10 miles. Halted at 2:30 PM in Vay's Valley.

Oct. 31st: Marched 4 miles to Cave Springs. Thomas Thomas and one or two others taken prisoners. Briggs, Mendenhall and Bracket return to the Regiment.

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