Captain R.W. Burt's Late War Diary

November 1864

Nov. 1st: Marched from Cave Springs to Cedarstown, about 10 miles. Lieut. Jeremy and I went to the cave this morning.

Nov. 2nd: Raining. Marched at 7 AM. Rained all day. Halted about 3 PM on a mountain, having marched about 12 miles.

Nov. 3rd: Marched at 8 AM. Had to tie my boot sole on with a rag. Marched 13 miles to Powder Springs and bivouacked at 2:30 PM.

Nov. 5th: Marched to near Vining Station, 12 miles.

Nov. 6th: Captain Stewart returned to the Regiment.

Nov. 7th: Mustering out some of my men.

Nov. 8th: Presidential election. The 76th Regiment gave Lincoln 79, McClellen 66. Just 66 too many for the credit of its history.

Nov. 9th: Regiment paid off. Battle at Atlanta this morning. Hardee whipped.

Nov. 10th: News of Lincoln's election.

Nov. 11th: Glorious news that Lincoln is elected by all states except New Jersey and Kentucky.

Nov. 12th: Tore up half a mile of railroad. Working until 11 PM.

Nov. 13th: Marched to Atlanta and two miles beyond to Whitehall. Cold night. Burning buildings in Atlanta.

Nov. 14th: The Depot in Atlanta pulled down.

Nov. 15th: Commenced the grand campaign through Georgia. Marched 18 miles, leaving Jonesboro to the right.

Nov. 16th: Detached to command forage party for the Brigade. Marched 15 miles to near McDonough.

Nov. 17th: Marched 18 miles.

Nov. 18th: Marched 4 miles to Indian Springs. Country hilly and sparcely settled. Find plenty of forage.

Nov. 19th: Crossed the Ocmulgee River at Ocmulgee Mills. Got 30 cattle, 14 sheep and wagon load of sweet potatoes. Marched 12 miles.

Nov. 20th: Marched through Hilsboro and camped within 2 miles of Clinton. Got 20 cattle and as many sheep but lost them after dark. Camped in a miserable muddy place about 10 at night. Great amout of straggling. Marched 15 miles.

Nov. 21st: Marched at 7 AM through Clinton and halted there until 11 AM. Took supper with my foragers at the house of a Rebel. Captured a horse and 24 cattle. Came near being captured ourselves by Rebel cavalry. Camped near railroad.

Nov. 22nd: Battle of Griswoldville. The 76th went out towards Gordonville tearing up railroad. Regiment returned to camp about 12 M.

Nov. 23rd: Marched at 7 AM towards Gordon 10 miles and threw up works.

Nov. 24th: Marched 12 miles to Irwinton. It is located on a high hill overlooking a wide expanse of country. Rather nice town. All citizens left, rumor says, to take up arms against us at Oconee River. Piney country. It was near here that Jeff Davis was taken prisoner.

Nov. 25th: Marched 12 mile towards the river. The enemy disputes our passage. Halted and camped within two or three miles of the river. Gave my captured horse to Col. Smith.

Nov. 26th: Crossed the Oconee and marched 8 miles beyond.

Nov. 27th: Marched 12 miles to Littletown in the midst of the pine woods. Brought in 20 cattle.

Nov. 28th: Marched 12 miles through pine woods. Foragers found two refugee camps. Made the aquaintance of the Reverand James Peeler a Rebel chaplain in one of these camps. Captured some fine horses.

Nov. 29th: Took a great circuit in search of horses. Picket's squad captured a fine horse for Colonel Woods.

Nov. 30th: Marched 12 miles and camped near Deep Creek.

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