Captain R.W. Burt's Late War Diary

December 1864

Dec. 1st: Marched 10 miles and camped within two miles of the Ogeechee River and 7 miles from Millen.

Dec. 2nd: Marched 8 miles.

Dec. 3rd: Crossed the Ogeechee River to tear up railroad. Blair marching down the river on that side. Returned to our old camp across the river.

Dec. 5th: Marched 18 miles and got in camp after dark. Got horses, cattle and turkeys.

Dec. 6th: Regiment marched 9 miles. Foragers scour the country for four or five miles on each side of the line of march.

Dec. 7th: Regiment did not move today. Twenty six miles to Savannah. Went out foraging.

Dec. 8th: Marched early and passed through a swampy country 21 miles. Crossed Black Creek.

Dec. 9th: Regiment marched 3 miles and camped at Bryan Court House. Put up works.

Dec. 10th: Marched at 5 AM and crossed the Ogeechee, then followed the canal within 5 miles of Savannah and within a mile of the Rebel forts. Made 20 miles.

Dec. 11th: After dark the Regiment moved by a Rebel fort to Andrews Plantation, about 5 miles.

Dec. 12th: Brigade remained in camp. Went out after forage but found none. Forage detail relieved. Nine miles to Savannah. Two Rebel forts in front of us on the Savannah road.

Dec. 13th: Some firing today from the Rebel forts. Heavy details for fortifying in front. Fort Mc Allister captured.

Dec. 14th: Went on a foraging expedition with 50 men and 5 teams to a point near Fort McAllister and returned late at night. Saw some very large rice plantations. Weather pretty good.

Dec. 15th: Brigade inspected today. Gun boats came up to Fort McAllister. Living on rice and short on "hard tack".

Dec. 16th: Regiment went on picket. News of battle of Franklin, Tennessee.

Dec. 17th: Received a large mail. Rebels shelling us.

Dec. 18th: No "hard tack" yet.

Dec. 19th: Regiment goes on picket again. Six 30 pound Parrots sent to the front from the seabord.

Dec. 20th: Gave the Rebels a good shelling today. Splendid line of works completed. Rebels leave their works during the night. Had first taste of oysters.

Dec. 21st: Rebels evacuated Savannah this morning and our army marched in. Our Brigade marched in at 3 PM and camped on the levee. Rebel gun boats in the river below. Our batteries shell them.

Dec. 22nd: Regiment went on provost duty. Got a lot of tents. General W.B. Woods Provost Marshall of part of the city.

Dec. 23rd: The "Cononicus" the first Federal transport came up yesterday. New York papers of the 15th. Five Rebel officers came over under flag of truce, Genl. Anderson, Capt. Twiggs and others.

Dec. 24th: Grand review. Having fine times. "Daily Loyal Georgian" started.

Dec. 25th: Had nice Christmas dinner and good times generally.

Dec. 26th: Visited Masonic lodge.

Dec. 27th: The 14th Corps reviewed.

Dec. 28th: Citizens' meeting today in which Savannah declares for the Union.

Dec. 29th: The 17th Corps reviewed.

Dec. 30th: Darlington mustered out.

Dec. 31st: Regiment moved to Oglethorpe Square. Lieut. Jeremy, Darlington and I took quarters and board with Major Arnold. Gov. Stone in the city.

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