Captain R.W. Burt's Late War Diary

April 1865

April 1st: Getting along finely. My ballads in great demand.

April 2nd: Inspection.

April 3rd: I visited Goldsboro.

April 4th: Nothing special.

April 5th: Brigade review by Genl. W.B. Woods. Great trial of knapsack packing. The 76th excells in the Division.

April 6th: Glorious news of the capture of Richmond on the 3d. Captain Strong went home.

April 7th: Lieut. Follett returned from Beaufort.

April 8th: Great rejoicing in camp over the news from Grant.

April 9th: Packing up for a march.

April 10th: Raining. Marched 19 miles. 76th in advance skirmishing with the enemy.

April 11th: Skirmishing with the Rebels all day. Marched 17 miles. Weather very warm.

April 12th: Four years of war. Marched 6 miles. Heard the news of General Lee's surrender with his whole army. Great rejoicing. Camped within 20 miles of Raleigh.

April 13th: Marched 15 miles and crossed Nuese River and camped 5 miles from Raleigh.

April 14th: Marched into Raleigh and were reviewed by General Sherman when passing the State House. Camped two miles north of the city. Rebels evacuated yesterday.

April 15th: Generals Sherman and Johnston are negotiating a surrender of the Rebel army.

April 16th: All quiet. Camped in the woods.

April 17th: 76th went out foraging. News of the assassination of Lincoln. Sherman gone to confer with Johnston.

April 18th: Captain Evans and I visited Dinatia Asylum.

April 19th: News of the surrender of Johnston and the whole Rebel Army. The war is over and fine prospect of going home.

April 20th: Moved camp to another road east of town one mile in location. Colonel Warner is Provost Marshall at Raleigh.

April 21st: All quiet on the Nuese.

April 22nd: Brigade drill.

April 23rd: I am 42 years of age today. Division review.

April 24th: Particulars of President Lincoln's death received. General Grant here.

April 25th: Generals Grant, Sherman, Meade, Logan and Woods passed through the camp and were received by each regiment.

April 26th: Some doubt about the surrender and talk about pursuing the Rebels again.

April 27th: Johnston surrender confirmed.

April 28th: Marching orders for 7 AM tomorrow.

April 29th: National salutes fired in Raleigh this morning. Sherman's army commenced it's march towards Richmond. Marched 12 miles and camped across the Nuese River.

April 30th: Did not march today.

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