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Here are some photos taken in Iceland. They're from summer of '93, but I thought they still may be of interest to some. However, I wasn't sure if people would be more interested in seeing photos of typical tourist places or of photos of other objects. Thus, there's a little of both here.

Thanks to many people who visited this site in the past few years!! With any luck, I may get to go back to Iceland in the future and that may mean more new photos in the future.

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  • Cat - an icelandic cat (112K)
  • Trash - some trash in iceland (200K)
  • Beer Bottles - some trash and bottles behind Blu'sbarinn (a bar) (73K)
  • Bus - a bus, some people, and a sign (84K)
  • Bjork in Window - a record store on Austurstraeti (128k)

  • Bike - the bike I used while in Iceland (86K)
  • Graffiti - some graffiti on a Reykjavik wall (83K)
  • Free Oliver North - different graffiti on a different wall (63K)
  • Jerzy - Author Jerzy Kosinski killed himself in 1992. Some time later, someone in Iceland pasted a Jerzy book jacket to a wall. (122K)

  • Bay - (37K)
  • Hringbraut - when Gummi leaves his apartment on Hringbraut and looks to the right, this is the view (47K)
  • Fire Hydrant - a corner on Austurstaeti - a woman about to cross the street and lots of little flags are in the photo (91K)
  • Hoefthi House - site of Reagan - Gorbachev summit in October, 1986.(99K)

  • Reykjavik from Above - a view from Hallgrimskirkja (a church) showing a small section of Reykjavik(144K)
  • Reykjavik from Above - II - a view from the same church, showing a slightly different section of the city.(128K)
  • Places
  • Camp - a partial view of the campgrounds that we stayed at one day (83K)
  • Hengill - a view of the Hengil mountain area, with Gummi and Rosa in the foreground (93K)
  • Hengill again - more photos of the hengill mountain area (192K)
  • Fence - a fence in the middle of nowhere. I don't know where it ends.(91K)

  • Blue Lagoon - a cool place to swim and also a big haven for those wacky tourists. (240K)
  • Althingi area - site of the first parliament (930 AD) and now a national park area.(112K)
  • Gullfoss - a waterfall (64K)
  • More of Gullfoss - by the way, Gullfoss means "Golden Falls" (67K)
  • Yet even more Gullfoss - for those of you who can't get enough of waterfall photos (63K)
  • All of the photos were taken by me and I am told that I should say that they are (c) 1995 Lee P. If you want to actually use these photos (I can't imagine why), then please contact me.

    Also, be sure to check out Islandia - A Guide to Iceland.
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    Please wander over here to find, discover, and buy many icelandic-related items!

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