Mars: The Truth

An anonymous source recently emailed me some photos. The person, whose identity I do not know, apparently hacked into NASA computers and found some classified images. I have reproduced the photos below:

Two mini-martians can clearly be seen taking over the rover as the rover inspects "Barnacle Bill."

A larger martian can be seen standing atop a rock.

Obviously, NASA has hidden the fact that some sort of creatures do in fact exist on Mars. I am currently researching this topic and hope to provide more photos in the near future. Here's how you can help:

If you happen to have photos of martian activity, let me know. I may be interested in getting the photo from you and posting it on this page. I have heard a few reports that there are "large silver-colored balls" on the surface. Right now, NASA is only showing us the boring reddish rocks. If you have photos of those balls, please contact me.

Unclassified Mars images

Coincidence or Williams' Conspiracy?

an old bagatelle on the surface of Mars?

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