Columbus Area Pinball

Welcome to the Columbus Area Pinball listings! This web page is to provide you with a reference guide and resource to (almost) everywhere in Columbus with a pinball table. If you have been wondering where in this cowtown you can find a certain pin, or what types of places have interesting ones, or where you can find some backwoods locations where no one goes so you can play pinball in peace, you have found the right place. Please feel free to snoop around and discover any mistakes. If you do find any or would like to comment about the general aspect of the page, send e-mail.

Sept. 17th, 1997 Update: testing the remind option. now up to 76 pins in the listing

June 12th, 1997 Update: We now have a total of 50 pins in the listings. Our goal is 100 pins. Please search out those machines and let us know of locations we have missed!

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