Welcome to the Pinball Arcade, a site containing various pinball-related games and puzzles. Lots of the games here require a Java-capable browser. You may find that it takes some time (under a minute) to load some of the games. Be patient. Oh, and you may want to try the backglass puzzles and word search first as those work a lot better than the first few listed java pinballs...
shockwave pinball

java pinball

more java pinball

rocket pinball (java)

Orbifold Pinball


pinball word search!

java pachinko

the following backglasses have been jumbled up.
rearrange the pieces to complete the puzzle....

Attack from Mars
Roller Disco
Flip Flop

more games to come!

if you have an idea for a game/puzzle, let us know
and we will have our design team work on it.