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My favorite hobby right now is going atv/dirt bike racing. It's the only motorized racing sport that I can almost afford.

Picture of my cousin Patrick Klase 

This is my cousin Patrick who is much better than I, but I always enjoy this picture.

Pictures of my cousin Tim Klase 

My cousin Tim made it to Loretta Lynn's in 1998 (AMA Amature National Championships). Tim really worked hard to get there.

Click Here for Some More Pictures of Tim

One of my long term friends, Ted Tsesmilles, took me to my first motocross race many years ago. A couple years ago, his son, Theodore, bought a quad and started racing the CRA circuit. Theodore said he liked my Motocross page, except for the fact that it didn't have a picture of him, so here's his picture.

Picture of Theodore Tsesmilles 

Theodore has some real natural talent. In 1998 he won most of the races he entered in the Woodsman Quad class in the CRA.

The other thing that really impressed me is the way Theodore figured out how to put together a fast quad. He just wouldn't give up until that engine ran the way he wanted it to.

Marjory Khan wrote a poem based on the picture of Theodore and his quad and sent it to me. You can read it here.

Ed's Latest Motocross News

Ohio Dirt Bike/ATV Racing Organizations

Feel free to take any of this content (all or pieces) for your own web pages or to put links to this page. My interest in posting this information is to help get the word out where there are places to ride and race.

Other Web Sites with Information about Ohio Dirt Biking and ATVing

I'm always looking for new places to ride/race, so if you know of places here in Ohio, I'd like to hear about them. You can email me at (edt@ohio.voyager.net). I'm especially interested in anything close to home (Delaware, OH, central Ohio). Also, please let me know if any of this info is incorrect.

Places In Ohio to Ride Dirt Bikes/ATVs on Public Lands

Ohio National Park Info Extracted from www.atving.com

Check out www.atving.com for up to date info.

Pine Creek OHV Trail--This system is accessed by three trailheads:

Telegraph Trailhead--23 miles north of Ironton off Hwy. 93. Turn left on County Road 193 for 1/8 mile to the parking area.

Lyra Trailhead--From Wheelersburg to Lyra take County Road 2 to Township Road 307

Wolcott Trailhead--North on State Route 93 to 522 West, 3.5 miles to Township Road 257, then 3 miles to trailhead.

Athens Ranger District
219 Columbus Rd.
Athens, OH. 45701

Monday Creek OHV Area
Dorr Run Loop--Located off State Route 33 (between Logan and Nelsonville) Follow signs off Highway 33, approximately 2 miles south of intersection of Hwy. 595 & 33. Primitive camping allowed, loading ramp in parking area, toilet facility. Contact Athens Ranger District at address shown below.

New Straightsville-- Located on Hwy. 595, 2 miles south of New Straightsville
Contact Athens Ranger District at address shown below.

Long Ridge--Located off Hwy. 78 north of Buchtel, south of Murray City
Contact Athens Ranger District at address shown below.

Monday Creek Trailhead--On County Road 24 between Carbon Hill and Buchtel.

Athens Ranger District
219 Columbus Rd.
Athens, OH. 45701

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry is the major public provider of ATV riding opportunities in Ohio. Four state forests are open to ATV riding encompassing 36 miles of trail. Use is limited to designated trails at all sites except Perry APV area, which has an open riding area. The four ATV areas are:

Richland Furnace State Forest / Trail 9 miles
Depending on the work that is being conducted throughout the forest, different colors of paint may be found. Yellow spots indicate the boundary between state and private land. Orange spots designate the APV trail system. In past years, the APV trails were marked with white paint, some of the old spots may still exist in certain areas and should be disregarded. Additional info on the Richland APV riding area can be obtained from:

Zaleski State Forest
P.O. Box 330
Zaleski, OH. 45698-0330

Maumee State Forest APV Area / Trail 5miles
Brochure currently being updated. (January 1998)

Maumee State Forest
Rte. 1, 3357-D
Swanton, OH. 43558

Perry State Forest / Trail 13 miles
The Perry APV Area is the most popular public riding area in Ohio. Miles of challenging trails are open. Picnic areas and latrines are provided at the parking area. Closed from Dec. 1 - March 31. For more information on the Perry APV Area, contact:

Blue Rock State Forest
6665 Cutler Lake Road
Blue Rock, OH. 43720-9740

Pike State Forest APV Area / Trail 15 miles
The forest offers a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities. Located off of State Route 124 is the APV Area. The facility has 15 miles of trails open to All-Purpose Vehicles. The trails wind through the hollows and ridge tops, offering the visitor a challenging ride as well as some beautiful scenery and breath-taking views. Parking, latrines and a novice area are all provided on the site. Additional info can be obtained from:

Pike State Forest
334 Lapparell Road
Latham, OH. 45646-9722

Hanging Rock OHV Area / 26 miles/southeastern Ohio
Designed for ATV and Dirt Bike use. Trail is 26 miles long and runs through the scenic forested hills of the Wayne National Forest. Located in southern Ohio, off US Highway 52. Take Hwy. 659N 3/4 mile to Forest Road 105. Stay on Forest Road 105 for approximately 1.5 miles for beginning of OHV trail and main trailhead parking. For more information and detailed trail maps contact:

Athens Ranger District
219 Columbus Rd.
Athens, Oh. 45701
(For Pine Creek Trails)
Ironton Ranger District
6518 State Rt. 93
Pedro, Oh. 45659
(740) 532-3223
(Hanging Rock/Pine Creek Trails)

Wayne National Forest--Athens

      The Wayne National Forest is Ohio's lone National Forest and serves as an off-road stopoff for many on the east coast. The forest which is approximately178,000 acres, has two designated OHV areas, the Ironton Ranger District and the Athens Ranger Distict.
       Inside the Ironton, off-road riders can exploreth Hanging Rock Off Road Vehicle Area and the Pine Creek Off-RoadVehicle Area. Hanging Rock has 26 miles of looping trails to explore. Pine Creek adds another 23 miles of trails and has three different trailheads for you to start from.
       While in theAthens Ranger District ATVers can check out the Monday Creek ORV Area. This area has approximately 25 miles of trails and is located just 25miles southeast of Columbus.
       Private camping is available at all the sites and mountain bikes, horses are all welcome here as well.
       In 1998 The Wayne National Forest has decided to issue a user permit fee to help bring in money for trail upkeep. Eighty percent of the money will be used to maintain the trail for the specific industry designated by the individual user. The annual permit will cost $25 and run from April 16 to Dec. 14th, and must be displayed on the vehicle. The daily charge wii be $5. On top of this charge, all ATVs and motorcycles must purchase a state permit which costs $8 and is good for three years. The Forest also requires OHV riders to have a valid drivers license unles they are under 16 years of age.
       Mike Greebeck of the Wayne National Forest said "each system is comparable to one another, but the Athens area sees more action because it's so close to Columbus and Cleveland.
       For more information contact the Ironton anger District at (740)-532-3223 Or the Athens Ranger Distrct at (740)-592-6644

The Wellsville Pits, Wellsville OH (eastern Ohio), outlaw riding, reknown for fun and danger. A couple people I know have been hurt down there and the rail buggies run down there too.

Matthew Walsh wrote this about the Wellsville Pits


I live in chester wv 15 min. from what your calling the wellsville pits (locally its called yellow creek and its actually located IN Salineville. I've been riding there for a long time and although the rail buggies are there, they tend to stay to thier own area and the bikes on their own trails, incompatable riding terrain I guess. But if you like mountain sized hillclimbs and tight twisting trail runs its definitely the place to go. If you ever go, ask people about 'Chicken Run' its fun to watch people attempt it!

Hillsville TimKTM@aol.com sent me this about Hillsville: Ever heard of hillsville? It's an old strip mine (piles of earth) Big hills, hence the name.It is just outside of youngstown,into pa about a mile. Lot of hills, some trails, motocross track ( soft sandy track). Take 680 to 224 east, it's on the right before entering pa. I havent been to wellsville in two years myself because of the theft of a buddies bike and the mess down there! Nothing like trying to dodge buggies with loaded drivers!

Word on Hillsville is that it's now closed. Here is the latest message from Michael Sr.:


Hillsville is closed, for good. You can attempt a ride if you like, the fine from the PA Game Commission is $180.00. Due to all the things that went on, and you can see all the junk around, the owners turned it over to the game comm. I talked to one of them, he said we know it is only 1 or 2 out of 10 that make trouble, but we have had enough. Those guys just come in ans get you on their 4 wheelers. It is a real shame, there is not a place like it on earth. I got to ride there a total of 3 times.

The only place left is Wellsville and now there are so many there since HV closed. I get there at 7:00AM and out by noon. Just to many nuts...


(Info updated 08/06/01)

Just Into Pennnsylvania, we have the Shenango Ride Area:

Ed Ellks, a Warren OH resident and a photographer for supercross.com, provides this information about the Shenango Ride Area:

Directions to Bay View ORV Area, Shenango Lake

These directions start at the post office in Hartford, Ohio. The ORV area is 5.4 miles from the post office and 12.1 miles directly East of Ohio State Route 11.

Follow State Route 305 East through Hartford. In 2.8 miles, you will be at a 5-way stop at the Ohio / Pennsylvania border.

Follow the road straight ahead (Hartford Rd.)

At the second stop sign which is on a bend, bear to the right onto Sarnac 846.

The ORV parking lot is 150 feet ahead on the left.

Rules & Regulations

Riding hours - 8AM to sunset. Nobody permitted under 10 years of age. Between 10 and 15 years of age, riders need to complete a test and obtain a certificate to be permitted to ride. No alcohol. No trucks or dune buggies. No riding on the shore ways. This rule is especially important, as they are talking about closing this riding area because the ecological system is being disrupted too much for this very reason.

You can take a look at some of Ed Ellks' pictures at Supercross.com or at his home page at edellks.home.mindspring.com. He has pictures from several of the recent Pro National races.

Motocross, Supercross and Harescramble Tracks In Ohio for Dirt Bikes/ATVs

You can find maps to the CRA tracks through the CRA Home Page. The AMA tracks I typically call for directions and/or use Mapquest. If your track isn't in here or you'd like to add some comments, please send me email at edt@ohio.voyager.net. If you have a copy of the track schedule, I'd really like to have a copy, you can us-mail it to me at:

Ed Thompson
PO Box 328
Delaware, OH

If you have an electronic copy, email it to me and I will add it to these web pages or put a link to it.

Other Tracks

There are a number of AMA Districts that have their own individual Web pages. Here's some useful ones:

ATV and Dirt Bike Resources

Online Web Pages for Printed Magazines

Pages of Motocross Links

Individuals Web Pages

Do you know Ohio folks who have web page? Send me their links and I will post them here.

ATV and Dirt Bike Online Dealers

ATV and Dirt Bike Online Parts and Accessories

Clothing, Boot and Helmet Vendors

ATV and Dirt Bike Online Junk Yards

ATV and Dirt Bike Manufactures

Fuel and Oil Information

It seems like once a week in the NetNews group rec.motocycles.dirt, someone starts a thread about Race Gas or what Oil to use, so I've decided to start collecting information about Oil and Gas.

Spark Plug Information

Suspension Shops

Two Stroke Engine Resources

Ed's Commentaries

Some subjects where I think I have something to say.

In addition to Dirt Bikes, I do have some other hobbies:

My Other Hobbies

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