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Things I Hit Daily - News
CBS News USA Today Newsweek TIME
CMH Dispatch Wired Mag NEWS.COM Slashdot
kuro5hin.org Plastic NewsFactor - Tech APOD
AnchorDesk Techdirt BetaNews.Com Spaceflight Now
Ars Technica Radio Free Nation Neowin.net WinBeta.Org
OSNN Jax Times-Union Geek.com geeknews.net
Al Jazeera English
Things I Hit - Other
byteheadBytehead's blog Link blogbytehead's linkblog T-6T6 Daily WavThe Daily .Wav
Tom's NetworkingTomsNetworking nasa.govNASA - Img of Day ScotterpopsThe Gazette Gateworld.netGateworld
winxpcentral.comWindows OS Central factcheck.orgFactCheck.org madville.comMadville FlickrBryan's Flickr pictures.
Bryan's Writings Bytehead from Columbus   craigslist: jacksonville Mirror of this

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Weather Reference
CMH Weather (I'cast) OH Radar (I'cast) JAX Weather (I'cast) FL Radar (I'cast)
CMH Weather (W'ground) OH Radar (W'ground) JAX Weather (W'ground) FL Radar (W'ground)
CMH Weather (AW) CMH Radar (AW) Jax Weather (AW) Jax Radar (AW)
CMH W & R (W Channel) NOAA CMH JAX W & R (W Channel) NOAA JAX
NWS Radar Long Range Base - JAX NWS Radar JAX W'underground Tropical World Buddy (JAX)
NBCWeatherPlus for JAX NBCWeatherPlus for CMH

Daily Dilbert - For Sundays Ed Foster's Gripelog
InfoWorld Electric Page One EWeek
Hacksonville.org -- Jacksonville, FL 2600 TOM'S HARDWARE GUIDE
ActiveWindows SF Weekly | Savage Love
The Harrow Group High Energy Astrophysics Picture Of the Week
Plausible Futures Newsletter - CP Ace's Hardware
.:[packet storm]:. deviantART!
Caedes.net - Wonderful wallpapers!  

Space stuff
NASA TV via APOD Human Space Flight RT Tracking
space.com SpaceDaily.Com - Your Portal To Space
SpaceRef - Space News As It Happens Basics of Space Flight
Florida Today Space News Technology Review- Welcome
The Space Review- essays about the final frontier Universe Today - Current News
Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home International Marswatch
Space Station Picture of the Day Near-Earth Object Program
The 50 Nearest Stars SpaceWeather.com
The Space Elevator - Chapter 12- Schedule The Space Show hosted by- Dr. David Livingston
RedNova - Space, Science, Health, Technology Deep Sky Images
Atomic Rocket main page Today's Space Weather
RT Satellite Tracking Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Military Space News Space Security Index
Aircraft oops!  

Welcome to AreaCode-Info.com Desktop Starships
The Easter Egg Archive RegEdit : Windows Registry Guide
Second Nature Software Astronomy - What's UP??


Other usefull hotspots
Google Search AltaVista Search
Scroogle (search scraper) Google Quick Ref (cheat sheet)
Other Paper - Columbus alternative weekly Columbus alternative weekly
Jacksonville City Search Columbus City Search
NASA - JPL Solar System Simulator Compute Sunrise/set for cities
MathWorld Koders - Source Code Search Engine
Toogle Image Search  
Internet Shizznit - Online toolkits
VisualRoute Server: Dulles, Virginia, USA ARIN Home Page - (Look up IP numbers)
Traceroute, Ping, DNS etc. Enkoder for e-mail
CIA - The World Factbook 2002 Programmer's Cheat Sheet
INTP Info Page (Listserver) RodentNet: ad hoc IP Tools
WebCalc Menu DNS Stuff: DNS tools
IP Address Locater - IP locations IP Chicken - Find your IP Address!
What Is My IP Address? MyIPinfo.net
Show and locate IP Listamatic- one list, many options
Show your IP  
Identifont - identify fonts and typefaces URL Encoding
What's On My Pen Drive-- The Road Warriors Guide WWW Ping
Web Sites That Shorten Long URLs TinyURL.com - where tiny is better!
Linkz - shorten a URL? / - Create a short link
qURL.net — Yet another shorter link service shorlify « shorl.com
SnipURL - Snippetty snip your long URLs! TinyClick.Com - Make ur URL tiny!
Tinylink.com Window Six's BabyURL
Make A Shorter Link Metamark - Shorton long web addresses
EvilURL 16Free URL Redirection
DNS Report OpenNIC: Public Name Servers
Online Multiengine Virus Scanner  

Proxy lists
Free Anonymous Proxy - Unipeak StayInvisible.com Proxy list
RRDB: Proxy List Public Proxy Servers
Proxy 4 Free ► PROXY LIST atomintersoft.com
PROXY lists samair.ru Proxy.org - The Proxy Authority
PimpMyIP Proxy Free CGI Proxies
Hide My ASS! Free proxy Metropipe
View blocked sites from chool or work Poxy


Mail, Gmail stuff
Gmail Gmail utilities
GMail Loader Import your email into Gmail Robs Blog: Gmail Tools & Plugins
Anonymous email
Mailinator KasMail: Home
Disposable email address mailexpire - free temporary email addresses…
dodgeit - free. receive-only. email. nosetup. rss. PookMail.com (Disposable)
Free disposable email with RSS/ATOM feed spamgourmet - free disposable email addresses
Jetable - Free limited time span forwarding email addresses
Mail2RSS: free disposable email via RSS SpamBox.us Create your temp spambox!

Blog stuff
Advice Line by Bob Lewis Button Maker -- Kalsey Consulting Group
Blogger Blogrolling
Bloglines | Free, Web-Based News Aggregator Bit 5 Blog Home Page (Software)
Feed Validator for Atom and RSS FeedBurner - Burn a new feed
Blogenstein: Ranking the True Blogoverse Technorati: Searching the World Live Web
Taylor McKnight - Blog buttons Iconolog : Art of Virtual Litter - graphics and icons
Blog News Channel Feedmarker - Feed reader
BLogBridge - Feed reader software MyBlogLog - Track where readers click off your page
feedmap .net : Where BLogs Meet Maps Brilliant Button Maker by LucaZappa.com
RSS stuff
RSSCalendar.com RSS Feed for local weather
Feed-Directory.com :: A complete directory of syndicated feeds RSS Cache
Directory for feeds inc. Podcasting  

Doug's Windows 95-98-Me-XP Tweaks and Tips HelpOnThe.Net - free help for Microsoft Windows and more!
Network Monitoring Tools Nu2 Productions Website
Only4Gurus - Hundreds of useful Microsoft resources Scirus - for scientific information
Windows XP File Assocation Fixes Windows XP from A-Z
WinT's Windows Modifications Woody's Watch
XP Fix How to convert Windows Server 2003 to Workstation
Stardock - Wincustomize - BootSkin BootSkins Library

Software and files
Simpson's Home Page - NetLaunch  
SharewareJunkies.com OS/2 Mozilla Stuff
FILExt - The File Extension Source The Top File Extensions Windows Site
Extension Room - Extensions for Moz ZDNet Downloads
Bart's Preinstalled Environment bootable Windows CD-DVD BootDisk.infoBootCd.info - Downloads
DllFiles Download freeware versions of programs gone commercial!
Fonts & Things Frogstar .wav archive
Live Linux CDs Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP
STARTDISK.COM- Home of the Ultimate Boot Disk Tech tools
WhatTheFont - MyFonts.com DaFONT :: Top 100 downloads
Fontifier - Your own handwriting on your computer! Themed Fonts, Movie and Music Fonts
FIGlet - hosted by PLiG Src-Highlite
Webware - alt.comp.freeware The Great Software List
TheOpenCD - Open source software TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption
UK National Archives - File Formats FileFormat.Info - file format information and conversions
12 sided calendar The TAO of Mac - Tools/USB Disk Manifest

BitTorrent stuff
isoHunt - IRC and BitTorrent Search Engine TorrentSpy.com : Largest BitTorrent Community
btjunkie - the largest bittorrent search engine TorrentBox.com - Your best source for torrents!
BTbot - BitTorrent Search Engine 500+ BitTorrent Sites at BTsites.tk
:: BiteNova.org :: Torrents Search Engine - Torrentz.com
Sladiniki007.net NiteShdw's Star Trek Torrents
DiggTorrents.com MyEpisodes.com - Episodes via RSS
Bitenova #TVTAD @ EFNET
Ares P2P sharing BtGhost.com Hosting
BitTorrent.com BitTorrent Files - myBittorrent.com
Bittorrent search engine BTSearcher.com = Search engine
Fenopy : Torrent Engine FlexTorrents.com
Snarf-it - One site to index them all Torrent Typhoon - Search
Meganova Torrents : Fast, clean, reliable www.newnova.org
NiteShdw.com Blog Torrent Site Status
Torrentchannel.com Turbotorrent search
Webbased Torrent Searcher  


The World's Greatest Recipe Collection RECIPES | Recipe Goldmine
Indian Recipes - Non vegetarian The Indian Food Guide for Indian Recipes and more...
The Worldwide Gourmet RecipeSource - Copycat Recipes
Recipezaar - Where the Recipes Are Food Network
Picklenet a guide to pickles? Kiplog's Foodblog - links



Online storage


V3 modding
Planet MotoX™ dot Net: Motorola Modding Learn how to hack the Moto RAZR V3
Motorola RAZR V3m User's Guide Hack the Motorola RAZR V3 Tutorial
Modding the Motorola RAZR V3 Welcome to MotoModders.net
Free Internet Phone Service From AIM Phoneline Free SMS messages worldwide
Phone Number Geolocator Free voicemail phone number by NetZero
Zfone project - crypto for your VOIP TMBG ringtones




Web 2.0

Misc. reference
Bloomberg.com: Energy Prices Reference Desk
My AvantGo Cool Quotes Collection
Lyric sites
Lyrics Depot - Over 60,000 Free Song Lyrics Song Quotes (7000)
LyricMania.com stupid meta search Lyrics @ SeekLyrics.com
Lyrics Hub.com Lyricsheaven ::: Your Lyrics database
Song Lyrics A-Z Archive SongMeanings | music song lyrics
A Large Collection of Lyrics by Artist Tons of Lyrics: Huge selection
Ringtone Search Engine, RingBits lyricsfly.com
LyricWiki MusicBrainz
Metro Lyrics Sing365.com Lyrics
Lyrics Download A-Z Lyrics Universe
Other Sound
Celebrity Prank Phone Calls freesound :: home page
Theme songs  
The Debt To the Penny How to Contact the FCC

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gn — Search Google Newsgg — Search Google Groups
gi — Search Google Imagesggl — Search Google Glossary
argos — Argos searchorient — search Encyclopedia of the Orient
imdb — Search Internet Movie DataBaseamazon — Search Amazon
webster — Search Merriam Webstermythica — Search Encyclopedia Mythica
rogets — Thesaurus searchpw — Pricewatch search
download — Search Download.comdict — Dictionary search
is — Search isohunt.comts — Search TorrentSpy
tv — Search tvtome.comwiki — Search wikipedia.com

Special characters
Keith Devens - Cut and Past list for fancy characters

IM on the web Meebo (All)
KoolIM (All)
E-messenger (MSN, Yahoo, AIM)