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What is Hide-A-Way Hills?

Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio is a private gated resort community situated at the gateway to the Hocking Hills Region in Southern Ohio.  The front entrance gate of Hide-A-Way Hills sits about 15 to 20 minutes south of Lancaster, Ohio and within an hour's drive south of Columbus, Ohio.

The Hide-A-Way Hills community consists of over 1654 wooded acres.  504 acres of the total community belongs to the Membership and is known as common property.  Included in the common property, various 
amenities are provided by the Hide-A-Way Hills Club which are available to Hide-A-Way Hills Members.  One must own real estate in Hide-A-Way Hills to be a Member.  The Club does not sell Membership priviledges.

Hide-A-Way Hills Club is owned and operated by its Membership through its Board of Trustees which consist of 9 volunteers who are elected directly by the voting membership of Hide-A-Way Hills.

Hide-A-Way Hills roads travel over 31 miles.

History of Hide-A-Way Hills
Hide-A-Way Hills was born in the Year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred Sixty One. From 1961 to the present time, The "Hills" have gone through many changes to make it what it is today.  The original developer was Hide-A-Way Hills Company, managing partner Jedo Estates, Inc. Hide-A-Way Hills Company controlled the development as well as the facilities of Hide-A-Way Hills.

In 1965, construction began on the dam for the Lake of Four Seasons by C.M. Luburg Construction Company and Ken Jewells Well & Associates Engineering firm. The dam was completed in 1966 at a cost of $500,000. The dam contains 437,000 cubic yards of dirt.  If placed 12" high and 12' wide it would extend 2,235 miles which is approximately the distance from Columbus, Ohio to Seattle, Washington.   

Like all land developments, Hide-A-Way Hills Club was not without its problems. Sales people working for the developers on a commission basis made promises that fell to the right side of ridiculous to sell lots. Many older Members may still remember the paved roads, Artesian wells, shopping center, lots with no snakes, sauna under the pool, teen center and the many other promises made to sell lots. There were problems with financing, operations, and the management of the Hills.  Articles of Incorporation were submitted and approved by the State of Ohio on the 28th day of September 1972.

While HAH Club was a real entity, the Club had no control over operations or how the assessment dollar was spent. A Negotiation Committee was formed. After many days and nights of difficult, but wise, negotiations, the Articles of Agreement was drawn up. This document allowed for the management of the Hills own assessment dollars.On May 6, 1973 a code of Regulations was voted on and approved by the members as a guideline for governing themselves. Negotiations continued to transfer title to all common property within the boundaries of the Hills.

One small item remained. Mortgages from the original developer still existed on common property of the Hills. Through negotiations again, all parties agreed to forgive the liens IF the membership could find buyers for over $150,000 of lots. They worked hard and on February 10,1974 they found buyers for over $160,000 worth of lots. 1974 was the beginning of a new era for HAH. With the Club owning all common property and facilities free and clear, the collection and disbursement of their own funds, and no unsavory sales force to deal with, the members began to look at the Hills as their own.

The Membership passed a Special Road Assessment to control the dusity roads by applying chip and seal to the main roads.

Special Assessment was passed to catch up repairs required on the dam and pool.

The Club installed the Microbrewery through Member donations.  The facility is equipped to breww 900 gallons per month

A unique opportunity faced the Hide-A-Way Hills Board of Trustees late in the year of 2003 when 54 acres of adjacent land came up for sale. The land parcel included a farm house, garage, and 54 acres which was surrounded by Hide-A-Way Hills on 3 sides. The land was purchased by the Hide-A-Way Hills Membership which brought the total of Hide-A-Way Hills Club land base to over 1650 acres.

A Special Assessment was passed to complete necessary dam repairs to Lake Deerfoot and Lake Arrowhead.

Hide-A-Way Hills celebrates their 50th Anniversary with a week long festival of events.


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